Monday, March 2, 2015

Whole Wheat Honey Bread

Are you scared of making bread thinking it may be some rocket science , don't worry I was also like that before.Now I can make bread recipes more frequently and with confidence.If you are already making chappathi, roti, pulka, poori, tortillas, pita or naan you are already good at making breads.
To explain it simple just make whatever breads you are making already but by adding little yeast and make the dough little softer and sticker yet you should be easily able to ply the dough with your hand and then letting the dough raise for 2 times for softness , then baking it to make a bread that's it. All you need is an oven or somethings similar to oven like tandoor or oven setup in cooker (an extreme hot setup).
Tips:Remember the basic making dough for bread is similar like chappathi dough and you should be able to form a log with hands for a good shape bread.If it's too sticky and pourable consistency the bread may be soft but the shape won't be what you want or if it's stiff as chappathi dough then bread may he hard.
Next Be careful with yeast amount too if it's too much your bread dough may overflow your loaf pan and the air pockets will be more which will make the bread fall out of its shape once it's out of oven.If the yeast is too little batter may not rise which will give dense  or hard bread. This I know by trial and errors. 
If you are making bread with maida or all purpose flour it's definitely going to be more softer than wheat breads but health wise wheat breads are better, so to overcome the defined rule of wheat breads are always denser I have added some ingredients in my recipe which will amazingly make wheat bread softer.
So if you are looking for a softer wheat bread you have come to the right place. 
So with these tips and guidelines let's start making bread.

Ingredients :

100% whole wheat flour/atta - 3 cups
Warm water or milk -1 to 1 1/4 cups, i used milk
Instant yeast  - 1 tsp or ½ tbsp dry active yeast
Salt - 1 tsp
Brown sugar or regular sugar - 1 tbsp
Ghee or butter or oil - 2 tbsp
Yogurt/curd - 2 tbsp or 1.5 tbsp vinegar
some milk or water for brushing the top of the bread
Honey - 1/4 to1/2 cup, reduce the amount of honey if you don't want too much sweet or you can skip honey for plain wheat bread.

Method :

If you are using active yeast don't have to do first two steps just add yeast to flour as like from step 3.
If Preparing the dough with dry active yeast do first 2 steps.
1.Warm 1 cup of water to around 105 degree, it should be warm to touch, if it's hot yeast may die.
2.Add 1 tbsp sugar and dry active yeast.
stir and let the yeast activate.
this usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

3.Take flour in a bowl, honey (if using),add the proofed yeast mixture, ghee/butter/oil and yogurt/vinegar. 
4.Mix all the ingredients first,then begin to knead the dough.
add more warm water/milk if required. Just make like making chappathi dough but make it little softer and sticky.
Continue to knead, till you get a smooth dough.(don't panic just work around the dough as if you are making chappathi)

5.Brush water/oil all over the dough and keep in a covered bowl with damp paper towel or kitchen towel in warm area to leaven for 1.5 to 2 hours.

After 1.5 to 2 hours, remove the dough and punch and deflate it lightly.

Roll a single log of the dough.
Tuck the edges down on both sides of the bread loaf.
Place the bread in a greased loaf pan (9×5 inches) with the tucked edges facing downwards.

6.Cover the loaf pan and let the dough leaven for 20 to 30 minutes or it just puffs up to the top level of the loaf pan.Dont over keep it to leaven.

7.Preheat the oven at 350 degrees.
8.Once the bread has risen in the loaf pan,brush the top with water or milk and make the top surface smooth for better look and appearance,  keep in the oven in middle rack and bake for 22-25 minutes or until the bread sounds hollow when tapped.

9.Remove bread from oven and brush on top immediately with butter or oil.
10.Then wrap a damp paper towell around the bread (only required for wheat bread)and put it on a cooling rack to cool for 30 min, before slicing.


You can top bread with oats, sesame seeds before baking for garnishing.

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