Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wheat Kolukkattai

This is one of my recipe that is so nostalgia to my heart.Whenever we go to visit my grandma in Trivandrum, she makes atleast few puttu recipes for breakfast,  as you already know puttu is one of the staple food in kerela.Around brunch time I would be circling around kitchen asking grandma for some sweet snacks, she immediately makes this instant kolukkatai recipe with left over puttu from morning and I would be like eating and loving it crazily.Its so dear to my heart recipe. Today when I was planning to eat the puttu from my fridge which I made a day back, I started craving for my grandma's kolukkatai and I made this thinking about her in every step of my making.Thanks for giving such a wonderful recipe grandma, this is dedicated to you. So if you are also craving for something sweet and yet healthy go for this recipe. It's fast, steamed, and you can make it more healthier by reducing the amount of jaggrey too.You can try this recipe with other flours also like rice, ragi, soy, oats etc....

Ingredients :

Wheat flour steamed - 3 cups
* To make puttu check my wheat puttu recipe, i made puttu without coconut this time and I used left over puttu, but you can use regular puttu with coconut and use it too, anyway we are going to add coconut.
Fresh Coconut shreaded - 1/2 to 1 cup
Jaggrey - 1/4 cup or as needed

Method :

1.Mix puttu , coconut (of didn't use in puttu making), jaggrey and mix it thoroughly with hand breaking all jaggrey pieces and clumped up flour and it will become wet from the water released from jaggrey. 
2.Make it into dumplings and steam it for 5 min and serve.


If the dumplings break after steaming just gather the dumpling and make it firmer with hands and serve the kolukkatai. 

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