Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spinach Poori With Soy and Wheat flour

Are you tired of regular wheat flour poori and tired of making your little ones eat spinach, Don't worry mix them all with some additional variety of flour and make these pooris and surprise your family. So here comes a new innovative idea to add some nutritional benefits to your plain poori.What does it don't have, Protein from Soy Flour, Fibre and lot of nutrients like calcium, vitamin C from spinach, and of course carb from everything. One thing that bothers me in poori is its fried, so once in a while excuse is applicable to enjoy it.Try this poori by adding some more variety of whole flour like ragi, maize, jowar, bajra to your wheat flour , it doesn't taste different at all.It taste like our regular poori but keep in mind to keep wheat flour the 50 % of the entire flour mixture. So enjoy the recipe....( once in a while)

Ingredients :

Whole wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Soy Flour - 1/2 cup(you can try this with just wheat flour also)
Semolina / Sooji / Rava - 1 tbsp heaped
CornFlour - 1 tbsp (optional, i added for multi flour inclusion in diet)
Salt - 1 tsp
Spinach boiled with very little water - 1 cup (use as little water like a tbsp or 2 while boiling spinach and grind it to a paste without adding water)
Oil - 1 to 2 tsp

Method :

1.Take a pan and boil 4 cups of raw spinach with tbsp or 2 of water and once it's wilted , cool it and grind to a fine paste in a blender.You can add green chillies or garlic along with Spinach but I dont want any spicyness or flavour in my poori.

2.Take the flour, sooji, salt in a bowl , add the ground spinach and mix well , don't add any water but if you need some water to make a stiff dough like poori dough add a little. 

3.Smear oil on top of dough and mix again to incorporate oil well and make a big ball and place it in a bowl coated with oil and top the dough with a smear of oil and cover and let it rest for 10 min before making poori, resting dough is a must.

4.Heat oil in a kadal and make small roundels of ball and press it using oil to prevent sticking to surface.
I used poori presser but you regular rolling pin will do too.

5.Put poori in medium hot oil and use a spoon to gently press on all surface on top of poori to puff up,once puffed flip it and cook on other side for a min and remove poori and drain it of the excess oil.

6.Serve with potato masala a traditional south indian combo or halwa a traditional north indian combo or just use jaggrey like me if you are lazy enough to make halwa

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