Friday, March 6, 2015

Cilantro Sausage Black and White Rice

I couldn't find a recipe to make today for lunch.Time is already 11a.m.,was feeling tired but have to prepare lunch before my kid comes out of school.So i just gazed into my refrigerator and left over boiled rice was there.And then i opened freezer to find 3 sausage links sitting there.So i decided to put them together like a fried rice.As i was cooking i just thought give some extra flavour so chopped a bunch of coriander leaves and dumped it inside the rice mixture,and to give a final touch was looking for lemon to squeese some juice to give a tangy flavour but the orange sitting next to lemon gave me a wink ,so i took the little guy and squeezed the juice over rice and gave a stir and removed it.The aroma was orangy and meaty and taste was good from coriander too....So a colorful dish is ready.So final taste test by the judge happened at 1.30 p.m after returning from school,

Voila eventhough its a instant made up recipe kiddo loved it and there the recipe made my day .....

Ingredients :

Italian hot sausage - 3 links, remove casing and use
Cooked Black and White Rice - 2 cups
Salt - if needed
Orange Juice - from 1 small orange
Coriander leaves - 3/4 cups very finely chopped


To make rice:

I just mixed 3/4 cup White basmati rice with 1/4 cup black rice and cook them like regularly how I cook rice by adding double the quantity of water .Once the rice is boiling , lower the flame to as low setting, cover and cook for 20 min.

1.In a pan add a tsp of coconut oil and add sausage and use spatula to break up the meat and just saute it till it get light browning on outside.
2.Then add 1 cup water and cook the sausage in medium flame till its completely cooked, it may take 20 min or so.
3.Then wait till all the water is gone and it becomes dry.
4.Add rice and blend it well using a spatula and add salt if needed.
5. Finally add coriander leaves and mix well and then squeeze in the juice of the orange and keep in low flame stirring til it becomes completely dry.
6.Serve hot.

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