Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spinach Wheat Sooji Dosa / Waffle

This is one of the healthy recipe with whole grain, vegetable, protein incorporated together In dosa form .If you are tired and bored of grinding and fermenting dosa batter then try this recipe. SOOJI gives crispness which is fun for kids and we don't have to worry about missing out vegetable because its included in the batter in the form of SPINACH. Not only spinach you can try various vegetables , just grind them and add to the batter.The highlight of this recipe is that I made it in waffle maker.Did anyone thought of that , I don't know may be .Best ideas appear in more than one individual at the same time.I wonder who the other persons are.But anyway if our indian recipes can be fusionised to American recipes, then this can be added to the list.So have fun with making dosa waffle .
Try different dosa's in waffle maker, even our regular dosa batter will work great and you can get a crispy waffle Dosa.Bring fun in eating dosas at your home with this idea...

Ingredients :

Whole wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Semolina / sooji - 1/2 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Water - as needed
Roasted cumin pd - 1 tsp (you can add 1/2  tsp of cumin seeds while cooking spinach also)
Spinach leaves - 2 cups
Garlic pod - 2
Green Chilly - 2


1.Cook spinach, green chillies, garlic in 1/2 cup water till garlic becomes soft.Then remove and grind to a fine paste once it's cooled.
2.Mix wheat flour, sooji, salt , cumin pd and mix well.
3.Then add spinach paste and mix well and add water as needed to make it like a dosa batter.

4.Now make dosa as usual and add toppings also to your favourite .
5.But in contrary I used my waffle maker to make this into a indian waffle .You are more than welcome to try it.Its awesome and fun.

6.For dosa i normally use one scoop of batter but while making as a waffle I used 2 scoops of batter and cover it quickly.But don't forget to grease the waffle maker properly.
7.Enjoy this dosa with homemade tomato ketchup better than store bought one and healthy too.Check out my Homemade tomato ketchup recipe.

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