Friday, November 7, 2014

Steamed SweetPotato In Microwave

 I used to steam Any potatoes in Pressure Cooker only.But the only problem in that is cleaning cooker afterwards.Just after steaming even one potato i have to clean the cooker ,which made the process of making steamed potatoes and eating them daily become a big job for me.
But now after starting to steam in microwave with one bowl and faster than cooker and no cleaning up afterwards encourages me to have variety of potatoes daily.
So this is how i do it, take needed potatoes in a microwave safe bowl.Piece some holes in potatoes using the tip of the knife and place it bowl with water covering potatoes till top and microwave it for 10 min.After 10 min if you insert the tip of knife into potatoes it should pierce easily if so its done ,if not do for another 3 to 5 min according to the doneness you need.Thats it clean the bowl and eat potatoes anytime you want.

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