Friday, November 7, 2014

Poaching Chicken

Poaching Chicken is easier and fastest way to have chicken.Usually i poach chicken breast if i need them in soups ,salads or for even making sandwich.
Poaching requires correct timing or you chicken will turn rubbery,hard or under cooked.
So what i do to get a perfectly poached chicken is Take chicken breasts in a sauce pan and add stock or water till the chicken is covered.For flavours some times i add onions cut in half ,parsley , coriander , chicken bouillon pd, italian seasoning , celery or any herbs available in my kitchen at the time.You can also experiment with various spices .Then i put in high flame and let it come to boil once ,then i will reduce flame to low and sin out all fat if any,then i continue it to simmer in low flame for 5 min,Then i will cover it and continue in low flame for 12 to 15 min.Then switch off flame and remove from stove.
You can store it in refrigerator with some liquid to prevent dryness and to use it later.If you want to use them then and there just wait till the chicken is warm enough to handle and then shred and use it in your recipes.
So now with me you can use poached chicken tastily any time you want,don't you?

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