Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baked Sweet Potato/Potatoes/Yam In Microwave in 5 min

I love baked potatoes or sweet potatoes but my main concern is to waiting time.Its too much in oven and if i use pressure cooker it take lot of work just to clean the cooker.But this 5 min quick cooking method in microwave is so much simpler and no any cleaning hassles and i can have any time i want without any preparation or waiting period.Now tell me who wouldn't love it.So what you need to do this just a microwave and paper towels or kitchen towels to cover sweet potato.


Clean and Scrub your sweet potatoes(I used chinese sweet potato) and clean them with water thoroughly.
Take a damp Paper Towel or kitchen towel and roll it over sweet potato and put it in microwave for 3 min and then turn them over and again bake it for 2 min depending on the size of potato.Mine is pretty small around 100 gms so i baked it for 5 min.If yours is big bake it for 10 min rotating halfway in the middle.Make sure paper towel is damp or potatoes will become hard like chips if you like it then its another story.
Cut the potatoes ,Scoop the flesh in a spoon and eat it like a snack.


Timing may vary so check in between.
You can use a microwave safe dish covered also.
I didn't prick my potatoes,if you want you can use a fork to prick them for thorough cooking,i think as mine is small it cook thoroughly even if i didn't prick.
Smear some coconut oil or cinnamon powder on top of skin before cooking for extra flavour.
You can try this in sweet potato , potatoes , chinese potato , purple yam.

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