Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Papadam, Appalam & Fryms Fried With No Oil & In a min


Papadam And Fryms
Coconut Oil - 1 tsp if you want oil flavour


Place papadam In Microwave without touching each other and start microwave for 30 sec ,Check Papadam if its not fully done ,turn sides of papadam and go for another 30 min.
If you like flavours in papadam from oil,smear a dot of coconut oil on both sides of papadam before microwaving it.
Do that for Fryms like Arisi Vathal(Rice Fryms) ,Vadaam , Moar Milagai.
You can spray a dash of oil (if needed)on fryms and mix them together and then place it on microwave plate without touching one another.
Sometimes it will work in 30 sec ,sometimes 1 min ,time may vary according to the power of your microwave.
Make sure they don't touch each other,check pictures for clarification.Dont use plastic plates(even though its microwavable) ,use microwavable ceramic plates or put the papadam and fryms directly on the rotating glass tray of microwave.
Now you can daily have papadam with out the steps of frying in oil and making home smoky.
Place Papadam on microwave plate without touching each other,and set for 30 sec.
After 30 sec flip the papdam and set for another 30 sec.
Crispy papadam is ready in 1 min.
Spread the rice fryms or your prefered one on microwavable ceramic plate(don't use plastic) or place fryms directly on microwaves glass tray and set for 30 sec to 1 min,If you like oily taste on fryms ,take a drop and mix it with hand to the fryms and do the above process,scatter fryms as much as possible,don't let it touch each other.
Placing in microwave
After 30 sec
 After 1 mi
 Do the same for vadaam and moar milagai.This may take 1 min.It may not look done but if you bite on it it will be crunchy and fried.

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