Sunday, October 26, 2014


This is one of my invention i could say !
As i was making some puttu with rice flour for a party i have some leftover rice flour and jaggery,So i thought to put them together to make this recipe.
This one tasted something like adhirasam but it can be quickly made without all the effort for making adhirasam.
So i mixed rice flour with jaggery and some water to make a semi liquid batter and i poured the entire batter into hot oil and i fried it for 15 min or so then i filtered the entire oil in a strainer and squeeze as much oil by pressing the resulting mixture with spatula and paper towel and drained as much oil out of it.Then i let set it in a tray ,it will be a crumbly mixture ,little hard but once you chew it starts to melt in your mouth.
Its a type of appam which is appearance is like "uthiri uthiri"(meaning seperated) so i named it uthirappam.So lets go on to the recipe.
2 cups rice flour or wheat flour
1 cups melted jaggery
Cardamom pd -  1 tsp
1/4 cup water
Oil or ghee for frying


Mix flour,jaggery ,water to a smooth batter .
Heat oil in a wide pan to medium flame and oil is hot add the entire mixture and keep on stirring just like making halwa,once the color of the mixture turns a little more on the amber side,remove it in a strainer and let all the oil come out,press it with wide spatula to remove excess oil ,use paper towel if necessary.The resulting mixture should not feel oily it should be dry and crumbly.
Place it on a tray and flatten it as much as possible and let it cool
Once it cools it will become little hard but chewable and dry.
Uthirappam is ready and its little addictive,so be aware if you are on diet or checking onto your calorie.

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