Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sichuan Chilly Oil

Ingredients :

Cinnamon Stick - 1 inch
Cloves - 2
Star Anise - 1
Cardamom - 2
Sichuan pepper corn whole - 2 tsp
Dry chilli flakes or coarse Chillies powder - 1/4 cup
Oil - 1 Cup

Method :

1.Take chilly flakes / Powder in a glass bottle or big bowl
2.Heat oil with all spices except chilly flakes / Powder.
3.Don't burn the spices , Once it's boiling use a metal strainer to strain the oil and pour it over the chilly flakes .Watch your hands and eyes it's hot oil ,do it in ventilated area to prevent the smoke from bothering your eyes
4.Discard the whOle spices from strainer.5.Let the oil sit for 12 hours ,transfer it to a tight lid bottle and serve it over dumplings ,noodles or as a dipping oil.

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