Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Appam in Dosa Style

Aapam is one of the kerela staple breakfast recipe.Normally appam batter is made by grinding saoked rice and coconut and then fermenting it .The fermentation is usually done by adding some fermenting ingredients like cooked rice , toddy from coconut tree or cocnut water is fermented and added to batter to ferment more.So even though the ingredients used in this recipe are less the time needed for it to fermenting and prepearing the fermenting agent is little extra work.
But dont panic i found a easy way to ferment these batter with the ingredient that is easily available in any area ie, yeast.
Just add yeast to the batter and let it sit for 4 hrs ,the batter will be fermented.
Now a days appam mix is also available in shop, we can just get the mix and add water and let it sit and you will get a nice aapam batter in few hours.

To make aapam with yeast:

  1. Soak 2 cup rice for 6hrs then blend in the blender by adding 1 cup grated coconut and 2 tbsp of sugar to a fine paste.You can also use coconut milk instead of coconut.The batter should be thin and runny.
  2. Take warm water add dry yeast and a tsp of sugar and wait till it gets foamy then add to the batter along with needed salt and keep it for 4 hrs in a warm area,the batter will be fermented(you can also ferment it overnight)
  3.  Once the batter is Fermented take aapam tawa or Dosa tawa rub oil and pour the batter and rotate and cover with the lid , then once the aapam is cooked remove lid and cook in open flame for a min to get a crispy sides of aapam ( if using dosa tawa flip it to the other side like dosa after opening the lid , i love this method of cookign aapam in dosa tawa because i like crispy edges of aapam more than fluffy center so i started using dosa tawa to get uniform crispy aapam even in the center,thats just me)

To make aapam by store bought mix:

There will be a fermenting mix in the package ,cook that according to the package instruction and add this to the dry flour along with coconut milk and let it sit for few hours and then make aapam as usual.
Usually the store bought mix dont make a great aapam in aapam tawa so if it happens to you just use dosa tawa and make like dosas,it will taste great.

Enjoy aapam with some spicy dish like potato masala , chicken or mutton curry or even spicy chutney.

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