Friday, March 20, 2015

Peas Roti & Peas and cheese paratha

Ingredients :

Wheat flour - 1 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp
Warm Water - as needed
Chilly pd - 1 tsp
Ajwain pd - 1/2 tsp
Peas - 1 cup boiled and made into paste in a blender by adding 2 garlic cloves and and a ginger piece without adding water.

Cheese Shredded - as needed

Method :

Peas Roti:

This is so easy just mix the ground mixture with wheat flour and make roti like regular rotis.I personally didn't add cheese in this roti but if you prefer you can add shredded paneer ( indian cottage cheese)

1.Mix flour, salt, Chilly pd, Ajwain pd and mix well.
2.Then add oil and mix well.
3.Now add ground mixture and mix thoroughly and add extra water if needed to make a medium soft dough.
4.Smear it with oil and let it rest for 20 min.
5.Make roti like how you make your regular roti by using some dry flour to prevent sticking.
6.Cook it on tawa , add butter or ghee on both sides if needed.
7.Serve hot.

Peas Paratha:

Follow step 1 and 2 as in Peas Roti.
3.Mix ground masala(peas,garlic,ginger) with shredded cheese and make into balls.

4.Make small roti and place the ground masala cheese mixture inside roti and make a dumpling.

5.Then flatten it like how we regularly make roti and grill them in tawa by using smear oil or ghee.

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