Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Papadam, Appalam & Fryms Fried With No Oil & In a min


Papadam And Fryms
Coconut Oil - 1 tsp if you want oil flavour


Place papadam In Microwave without touching each other and start microwave for 30 sec ,Check Papadam if its not fully done ,turn sides of papadam and go for another 30 min.
If you like flavours in papadam from oil,smear a dot of coconut oil on both sides of papadam before microwaving it.
Do that for Fryms like Arisi Vathal(Rice Fryms) ,Vadaam , Moar Milagai.
You can spray a dash of oil (if needed)on fryms and mix them together and then place it on microwave plate without touching one another.
Sometimes it will work in 30 sec ,sometimes 1 min ,time may vary according to the power of your microwave.
Make sure they don't touch each other,check pictures for clarification.Dont use plastic plates(even though its microwavable) ,use microwavable ceramic plates or put the papadam and fryms directly on the rotating glass tray of microwave.
Now you can daily have papadam with out the steps of frying in oil and making home smoky.
Place Papadam on microwave plate without touching each other,and set for 30 sec.
After 30 sec flip the papdam and set for another 30 sec.
Crispy papadam is ready in 1 min.
Spread the rice fryms or your prefered one on microwavable ceramic plate(don't use plastic) or place fryms directly on microwaves glass tray and set for 30 sec to 1 min,If you like oily taste on fryms ,take a drop and mix it with hand to the fryms and do the above process,scatter fryms as much as possible,don't let it touch each other.
Placing in microwave
After 30 sec
 After 1 mi
 Do the same for vadaam and moar milagai.This may take 1 min.It may not look done but if you bite on it it will be crunchy and fried.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


This is one of my invention i could say !
As i was making some puttu with rice flour for a party i have some leftover rice flour and jaggery,So i thought to put them together to make this recipe.
This one tasted something like adhirasam but it can be quickly made without all the effort for making adhirasam.
So i mixed rice flour with jaggery and some water to make a semi liquid batter and i poured the entire batter into hot oil and i fried it for 15 min or so then i filtered the entire oil in a strainer and squeeze as much oil by pressing the resulting mixture with spatula and paper towel and drained as much oil out of it.Then i let set it in a tray ,it will be a crumbly mixture ,little hard but once you chew it starts to melt in your mouth.
Its a type of appam which is appearance is like "uthiri uthiri"(meaning seperated) so i named it uthirappam.So lets go on to the recipe.
2 cups rice flour or wheat flour
1 cups melted jaggery
Cardamom pd -  1 tsp
1/4 cup water
Oil or ghee for frying


Mix flour,jaggery ,water to a smooth batter .
Heat oil in a wide pan to medium flame and oil is hot add the entire mixture and keep on stirring just like making halwa,once the color of the mixture turns a little more on the amber side,remove it in a strainer and let all the oil come out,press it with wide spatula to remove excess oil ,use paper towel if necessary.The resulting mixture should not feel oily it should be dry and crumbly.
Place it on a tray and flatten it as much as possible and let it cool
Once it cools it will become little hard but chewable and dry.
Uthirappam is ready and its little addictive,so be aware if you are on diet or checking onto your calorie.

Rainbow Puttu

So We had this Diwali Party for the weekend.I decided to make some kerala recipe .So i thought a basix puttu recipe would be gud.But inorder to make it a special for Diwali Celebration i want to add some style to it,So After thinking for a long time evn days i decided to make this rainbow puttu,color not yet decided.So When i was looking to my cupboard for adding colors ,i felt adding a indian theme would make it perfect (with the help of my hubby.ofcourse).So i decided to make our proud national Flag colors to it.The resulting outcome is what you are seeing here.
If you are planning some thing like me ,this will be a good option,
So Why Don't we go to the recipe now?


Rice flour - 4.5 cups
Coconut Shredded - 2 cups
Jaggery Melted - 1 cup
Salt - 1 tsp
Green Color - a pinch
Yellow Color - a pinch or two
Red Color - a pinch
ALmond Flavour - 1/4 tsp
Orange Flavour - 1/4 tsp
Steamer and Spring Foam to make Puttu.


1.If you have hard jaggery melt it in a pan without adding water until its smooth,keep it in flame at warm temperature or it will solidify again.

 2.First Let make Green Color of the flag,Take 1.5 cups of rice flour in bowl and whisk it,i used standing mixer but you can do this in a bowl using hands itself.Add a pinch of salt , 1/4 cups melted jagjaggeryd green color.Add color little by little till you get the desired color.
Add water by tablespoon at a time,till you are able to hold the flour together when you press it with hand but it should easily breakable.It will take almost 2 to 3 tbsp water only,so be careful when you add water,dont over add it.Check photo for clarrifications.

3.Fill the bottom vessel of the steamer with water around 8 cups and let it come to boil.
In the top vessel ,place a muslin cloth and then place the springform with out the bottom plate (use only the sides of springform),Add the green color flour mixture to it and layer on top with a single layer of coconut shreaded.

 4. Next for 1.5 cups of flour add 1/4 cup jaggery melted with a pinch of salt and add almond flavour and don't add any color.Layer it on top of the first layer in spring form and again top it with coconut shreaded.Do this for third layer with remaining 1.5  cups of flour with same process of salt and jaggery mixture,but at this time add orange flavour and add yellow color first to get bright yellow and add a pinch of red color to change it to orange and top it over the 2 nd layer of flour and add on top a layer of coconut shredded.
 5.Cover the steamer and place the top vessel over the bottom vessel with boiling water and let it steam for 30 min.Then switch off the flame and let it get warm.
6.Remove the muslin cloth carefully and place it on a board,then using a big spatula gentle lift the puttu alone and place it on a serving tray.Be careful or you will break the puttu,no hurry burry there.
 7.Serve puttu with Flavoured coconut milk (Mix 1 can coconut milk with 3 cups of water add crushed cardamom pods and crushed nuts for flavour and add 1 tbsp of sugar)


Friday, October 24, 2014

Shanghai Thin Noodles With MeatBalls in Vodka Sauce

This is a fusion of Chinese and Italian Recipe.
I had a Bottle of Vodka Sauce and Some Frozen shanghai Thin Noodle so i Thought of putting them together with this own recipe and its not bad,Infact its awesome...So let me share this simple recipe with you.

Nutritional Info:

For 3 Oz MeatBall in Vodka Sauce:\
Total Fat
Sat. Fat

For 7 Oz Shanghai Thin Noodles :
Total Fat
Sat. Fat


Classico Vodka Sauce - 1 Jar / 2 1/2 cups
Shanghai Thin Noodles - 1 pack ( 20 Oz,uncooked)
Oil - 1/2 tsp
Low Sodium Turkey Bacon - 2
Onions finely chopped - 1 cups
Garlic cloves chopped - 3 no
Red Pepper Flakes - 1/2 tsp
Salt - as needed
Basil leaves or parsley leaves (optional) - for garnishing
Turkey MeatBalls - 16 pieces
Ghee - 1 tsp (for coating the noodles from sticking with each other after cooking,Trust me using ghee gives extra delicious flavour)


1.Bring a big pot of water to boiling by adding 2 tsp of salt.

2. Take a pan and add oil ,then add turkey bacon and saute it till its crispy,then add onions,garlic and saute them till onions are translucent and slightly brown.

3.Then add red pepper flakes and give it a stir and add meat balls and saute it for 2 min.

4.Then add the vodka sauce and cover and keep flame in medium low and let it boil,leave a slight gap for steam.This will splatter so be careful use an apron.

5.Then when the sauce is bubbling and when its quantity is reduced to almost half.

6.Add noodles to boiling water in other pot,Let it cook for 4 - 5 min or by package instruction.
REmove noodle and wash them thoroughly in cold water by rinsing 5 to 6 times to prevent them from sticking and removing starch.

7.Then add ghee to noodles to prevent it from sticking to each other .

8.Add this noodle to the thickened sauce if you are serving in a platter,but i like to serve it in portion so i just plate the noodles in a bowl and top it with needed sauce along with meat ball.

9.For garnishing you can add basil leaves or parsley for extra flavour,But i didn't have any.

Baked Thattai /Indian Spicy WaterCracker

I am a Big Fan of Thattai ,but i couldn't eat it for a long time because its a fried snack.I was sitting at home for Diwali and wondering if i could be able to have thattai without any guilty ,then i saw this gluten free water cracker recipe which is almost same as thattai recipe ,so i thought may be i can use this method to bake thattai instead of frying,so i gave it a go with little modification in baking temperature and replaced the recipe with thattai recipe,surprising to me the outcome was awesome and now i am having baked thattai without guilt ,so i thought why don't i share with you guys if you are avoiding thattai for the same reason as i am so you can also enjoy it.
Ok this thattai will be crunchier but not crispier.To describe both Biscuit is crunchier and potato chips are crispier.

Nutritional Info:

For 1 thattai:

Total Fat
Sat. Fat


Channa Dal - 1 tbsp
Pottukadalai/ Fried Gram Dal - 1 tbsp
Coconut Pieces cut - 1 tbsp 
Curry Leaf - 1 sprig ,chopped finely
Pottukadalai Flour - 1/4 cup
Oil - 1/4 cup for mixing and for basting on thattai while baking.
Salt - as needed


1.Preheat oven  to 350 degree.
Add 1/4 cup of water to channa Dal and microwave it for 2 min and keep it aside.
 2.Chop curry leaf and coconut pieces into fine pieces.
 3.Add Rice Flour ,Pottukadalai Flour ,chilly Pd , Salt and mix with a whisk.

 3.Add Curry Leaf and Soaked dal and add water and mix them to for my dough,as shown in the picture.Add a little bit around 2 tbsp of oil to prevent dough from sticking and to bake uniformly and crunchily.

4.Take a baking sheet or use a silicone baking sheet which helped me so much ,because i made thattai directly on the sheet and put it directly to the oven .No need to transfer from patting sheet to baking tray.But if you don't have silicone sheet  use regular parchment paper and dont forget to grease the sheet and you can place the parchment sheet on a baking tray and make thattai directly on parchment paper and place it on the oven.While making thattai use oil to prevent it from sticking to your hands.So basically take a roundules of dough in hand and flatten it to thin about 1/8 th of an inch and make it into circle.MAke all thattai and spray them with oil on top.Put them in oven in middle rack and bake them for 15 min.Keep an eye on thattai time may differ according to thickness of thattai.

 5.Remove thattai from oven once its crunchy and baked .Then remove from baking sheet and place it in a seperate tray.Dont leave them in baking tray it will get darker with the residual heat of tray.

So delicious thattai with just 50 calorie each is ready to serve on diwali.