Friday, August 1, 2014

Grilled Cheese Waffle

Looks Delicious isn't it?
Finally a twist to regular grilled cheese and a better way to use the waffle maker.
I know we all are little lazy to take our waffle maker ,mix flour and make a waffle daily.
But this one is a easy way to use waffle maker and at the same time have a crispy toast.
You can try peanut butter toast,almond butter or chocolate fudgy toast i let it to your imagination.
You can also add some thin slices of veggies or fruits too for healthy sandwich Toast.
Its a great treat for our little ones .
And best mommy award for us without even use our griddle or oven and doing not that much effort ,yet give them their favourite toast in a min.


Bread Slice - 2 
Cheese Slice - 1
Waffle maker
Sliced fruits for topping


1.Sandwich the breads with cheese and grill it in your waffle maker.To get more crispier use a spray of oil on the surface of the waffle.
Finally top it with some fruits .

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