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Lobster stuffed Portebello Mushroom

Lobster stuffed Portebello Mushroom

About Portebello Mushroom:

Portobello mushrooms: are large Crimini mushrooms with a firm, meaty texture and delicate flavor. They can be cooked in a number of ways, and can served alone or as a side dish.
"Portobello mushrooms are the steaks of the mushroom family. Here they are marinated and grilled,mmmm.... yummy!"
Portobello mushrooms are tender and meaty.

Portobello mushrooms can be cooked right on the grill. This method of cooking works best if the mushrooms are left whole, rather than sliced.

1)Brush off any dirt clinging to the mushroom with a mushroom brush. Do not dampen or wet the mushroom to clean it; brushing a dry mushroom is usually sufficient to remove the dirt. If the mushroom is damp, leave it uncovered on a paper towel in the refrigerator until dry enough to brush.

2)Coat both sides of the mushroom with olive oil.

3)Season the mushroom with salt and pepper to taste.

4)Set the portobello on the grill for 5 to 6 minutes.

5)Turn the mushroom over and grill it for an additional 5 to 6 minutes or until the mushroom is cooked through. The finished mushroom should be slightly smaller in size, with a more liquid appearance, but firm texture.

About Lobsters:

Lobsters:are the king of the crustacean family has a jointed body and limbs covered with a hard shell....Lobsters can be cooked in various ways.Different Lobster recipes are
Lobster Bisque (food)
Lobster Newberg
Lobster roll
Lobster stew
Lobster Thermidor

Cooks boil live lobsters in water or steam. The lobster simmers for seven minutes for the first pound and three minutes for each additional pound.

Lobsters are also fried, grilled, or baked.
A popular shellfish valued for its rich juicy meat. The European and American lobster are the most popular of the lobster family. The American lobster, the larger of the two, is found in the western North Atlantic and is reddish brown in color with some brown spots. The European lobster is found in the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the English Channel, and the Bay of Biscay, and is black in color with some pale yellow blotches. Lobster is best purchased live but can also be bought already cooked, cleaned and shelled. It is the lobster tail and the lobster claws that contain the majority of the meat in a lobster. The tail provides one large piece of meat while the claws have small narrow strips of meat.

Serves - 4


Lobster Meat - 4 oz Freshly Cooked
Portobello Mushrooms - 4 Medium
Minced Garlic-2 tsp (keep it in two portion)
Chili Pepper Flakes - ¼ tsp
Balsamic Vinegar - 2 Tbsp
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 Tbsp
Parsley  (or) Coriander Leaves  -1 ½ Tbsp Fresh Chopped
Smoked Mozzarella - 1 oz Thinly Sliced (or) Round 1" thick Slice of Cottage Cheese/Paneer - 2 slices
Chicken Bullion Pd- ½ tsp
Fresh Grated Lemon Zest - ¼ tsp
Salt and pepper (to taste)



1) On medium high heat preheat a grill pan.
2) Preheat your broiler to high.

Prepare Mushroom:

In a medium bowl mix together 1 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp minced garlic, the balsamic vinegar, bullion Pd, and season with salt and pepper. Toss the mushrooms with the balsamic mixture and set aside for 5 minutes to marinate.

Grill Mushroom:

Place the mushrooms on the hot grill pan for 2 to 3 minutes per side.

Preparing Lobster:

Meanwhile in a small nonstick skillet on medium heat, heat the remaining 1 Tbsp of olive oil and add garlic and hot pepper flakes. Let it cook for 30 seconds. Turn the heat off and add the cooked lobster meat, season lightly with salt and pepper and transfer to a small bowl. Add the chopped parsley / coriander Leaves and lemon zest to lobster mixture and mix to combine.

To Assemble:

Place the mushrooms on a foil lined baking sheet and scoop a spoonful of the lobster mixture into each mushroom. Top each mushrooms with 1 thin slice of the smoked mozzarella /Cottage Cheese

Place the mushrooms under the preheated broiler until the cheese melts(If using mozzarella)/get a golden color(If using Cottage Cheese). (Keep an eye on it because the cheese can burn within seconds. Do not walk away form your oven)

Once the cheese has melted top each one with a sprig of parsley/coriander leaf and serve immediately!


1)Oven is used here to melt the cheese(mozzarella) / brown the Cottage Cheese(if using).So If You don't have Oven,follow below

For Mozzarella without oven:

Place this on  a grill and cover its top with lid which helps the cheese to melt.

For Cottage cheese without oven:

Fry the Cottage cheese before assembling and don't have to go through this step at all.

If You don't have portabella mushroom try with any mushroom which is big or grill small mushrooms with listed spices and place on top of grilled bread and then top with lobster stuffing we made and then the cheese ,may be even make it to sandwich by completing with another slice of grilled bread.

If you don't have lobster you can try this with crab meat or shrimp too.

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