Friday, December 6, 2013

Rava Kesari / Sweet Semolina Delight

About Kesari:

Kesari bhath  is an Indian dessert that is popular throughout the country originated from the Karnataka. It is a Cuisine of Karnataka and is a popular dish during festivals such as Ugadi.[1] The word kesari refers to the spice saffron which is used, resulting in its saffron-orange-yellow-colored tinge. Though it is a sweet dish, in Karnataka, it is prepared not only as a sweet dish but also for normal breakfasts. It is also served with Uppittu or Khara Bath and both the dishes in equal quantity one plate is popularly called as the "Chow Chow Bath". In North India it is served as a sweet dish called Sheera or Suji/Sooji Halwa. It is much simpler with little or no ghee, no color or Kesar, though it is not the actual traditional recipe of Karnataka. It is widely popular as Sheera in Marathi/Hindi, Rava Kesari in Telugu, Sooji Halwa in the North, Sojji in Tamil. There is a large choice of Kesari Bhath varying from place to place, depending on availability of products. It might be cooked with pineapple or banana, mango and rice. The classical ingredients used for its preparation are semolina, sugar, ghee, water and milk.
Different types of Kesari Bhath include Pineapple Kesari Bath,Coconut Kesari Bhath  and Rice Kesari Bhath.


Semolina / Rava - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 1/2 cup
Water - 3 cups
Cardamom - 4 pods ,crushed
Food  Color ,Preferably yellow or orange - 3 drops( I used green )
CAshew - 1/4 cup


1.These are the ingredients to make kesari.
2.Crush Cardamom on a mortar and pestle.

3.Take Ghee in a Kadai.
4.First Roast Cashews to light golden brown and keep it aside.
5.In the Same Ghee Fry the Semolina/Rava to light brown color or until it gives a good fragrant.
6.Keep this aside.
7.In the same pan add water and let it comes to boil.
8.Add color to it.

9.Let water comes to boil.
10.Add fried semolina to it and stir frequently to avoid any lumps.
11.Keep stirring until semolina swells up and become double in quantity.

12.When it absorbs all water and become thick like below picture ,add sugar.

13.Once the sugar melts it will once again become watery,Keep stirring continuously until it becomes thick and is easily removing from the pan.

14.Now add cashew to the kesari and mix thoroughly.

15.Pour it on a greased tray and let it set (it may take like 30 min).Then serve it cold or as is or heat it up and serve.

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