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Fish Oman Theeyal

Fish Oman Theeyal

About Theeyal:

Theeyal (pronounced  is a Kerala dish. It is quite similar to Sambar, another popular South Indian dish. Theeyal is made from a spice mixture consisting of roasted coconutcoriander seeds, dried red chili and fenugreek. All spices are ground to a paste and cooked intamarind water with vegetables. When completed it look like a rich medium brown gravy and is normally mixed with rice.
Theeyal, which means "burnt dish", is a typical Kerala dish featuring burnt coconut and is usually dark brown in color. It gets its color from browning of coconut and also from another ingredient, tamarind. In some parts of Kerala, theeyal is included in a traditional sadya menu.Vegetables used for Theeyal include Pearl onion or ShallotBitter melonPotatoEggplantOkraZucchini, Raw Mango.

Fish in Roasted Coconut Gravy With Caromseed Powder / Fish Ajwain


Shark Fillets (prefered) / Fish Fillets - 1/2 lb
Coconut flakes - 1/4 cup
Omam /Ajwain pd - 1 tsp
Chilly pd - 1 tbsp
Pepper pd - 1/4 tsp
Coriander pd - 1/2 tsp
Small onions - 1
Curryleaf - 4 to 5


Take a pan add oil and saute Coconut,smallonions till coconut is brown in color...while removing add coriander pd and chilly pd and grind them all to a fine paste in a blender by adding some water....add tamarind,ajwain and salt  and grind them together...

Take a clay pot/ceramic pot (if u dont have use regular pot,traditionally fish curries are made in clay pot) and let it come to one boil add fish and cook till the fish is cooked and flaky...garnish with bunch of curry leaf ,cover and put it in simmer for 30 min ....serve hot with hot rice....


You can also use whole spices instead of powder,in that case while sautéing coconut in oil add a tbsp of coriander seeds,red chilly 8 no , whole pepper - 6,ajwain - 1 tsp and saute them without burning spices and coconut and grind them to a fine paste.

Use Coconut oil instead of regular oil that gives some extra taste.

Shark theeyal Served with White Rice and Egg Thuvaran

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