Friday, December 6, 2013

Besan Ladoo

About Ladoo:

Laddu or Laddoo is a ball-shaped sweet popular in Indian Subcontinent as well as regions with immigrants from the Subcontinent such as Hijaz Laddu is made of flour and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe. It is often served at festive or religious occasions.

Common flours used for laddu include besan (chickpea flour), rava (wheat semolina) and ground coconut. These are combined with sugar and other flavorings, cooked in ghee and molded into a ball shape. Some laddu recipes are prepared using Ayurvedic medicinal ingredients, including methi laddu, multigrain and resin laddu.
Laddu flour (alternate spelling: ladoo flour, ladu flour) is a coarsely ground whole wheat flour sold particularly in the USA as an ingredient for certain Indian dishes, (in particular for laddu). The ostensible explanation for the purpose of the term is to differentiate it from the many other kinds of wheat flours that are available.
Laddu is often prepared for festivals or family events such as weddings and births, or given as a prasad at Hindu temples, especiallyTirupati Venkateswara templeAndhra Pradesh. Laddu is also considered a traditional Eid dessert in some Muslim communities.
In Maharashtrian cuisine, there are traditional recipes for laddu intended as travel provisions.


Gram Flour(besan /  optional - Ladoo besan)- 250Grams
Ghee - 100Grams
Pistachios Powder- 1Teaspoons
Sugar (grinded) - 250Grams
Cardomam Powder- 1Teaspoons


1.In a kadai add ghee.
2.Once its hot , reduce the flame and add besan/gram flour and  mix well till the color changes.
3.Once the besan is done then add sugar and  mix well until sugar gets incorporated properly.
4.Then add cardamom powder and mix well immediately .
5.Switch off the flame and let it cool down enough so u can handle them to make ladoos, then make into small ladoos.

For Pistachio Topping:

Once the ladoos are ready dip one edge of ladoo in ghee and dip on pistachios mixture.

Ladoos are ready to serve!!!

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