Friday, December 6, 2013

Arisi Dosa / RiceFlour Dosa

Goes well with any Non-veg Curry....

About Dosa:

Dosa (Tamilதோசை), also called Chatamari in Newari, is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. This staple dish is widely popular in all southern Indian states KarnatakaAndhra PradeshTamil Nadu and Kerala, as well as being popular in other countries like Sri LankaMalaysia and Singapore.
Dosa, a common breakfast dish and street food, is rich in carbohydrates, and contains no sugar or saturated fats. As its constituent ingredients are rice and lentils, it is gluten-free and contains protein. The fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. There are also instant mix products for making dosa, with somewhat lower nutritional benefits.
A mixture of rice and urad dal that has been soaked in water is ground finely to form a batter. The proportion of rice to lentils is basically 4:1 or 5:1. The batter is allowed to sit overnight and ferment. Sometimes a few fenugreek seeds are added to the rice-dal mixture. The rice can be uncooked or parboiled. The mixture of urad dal (black lentils) and rice can be replaced with highly refined wheat flour to make a maida dosa, or semolina for a rava dosa.
A thin layer of the batter is then ladled onto a hot tava (griddle) greased with oil or ghee (clarified butter). It is spread out evenly with the base of a ladle or bowl to form a pancake. A dosa is served hot, either folded in half or rolled like a wrap.


Rice Flour - 2 cups
Green Chillies - 5 cut into slices
Hot water - 2 cups


Mix flour with hot water along with salt and green chillies and make this a runny consistency....

Heat the dosa tawa...add oil and pour dosa flour in a round pattern and make dosa....once one side is cooked flip it to other side and cook on other side too to crispy....serve crisp and hot


To keep all dosa crispy till you finish making all dosas,
Preheat oven to minimum temperature and place Dosa one by one as you keep on making in oven tray inside oven.They stay crispy and hot .But keep an eye on dosa sometimes  it may get too crispy.

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