Thursday, April 24, 2014

Healthy Quinoa with chicken and beans

I tried this recipe as a soup in a shop in food court on our last visit to mall.I am so addicted , i started making this daily for my lunch with my variations.Its full and full of good nutrients from veggies , beans ,chicken.I used quinoa but you can try this with brown rice ,white rice,black rice ,couscous or any of your fav.Here i will show 3 variations, one as soup , one as rice and other rice recipe with different ingredients.But you can go wild and try all your fav spices.


Quinoa Cooked - 1/2 cup
2 oz Chicken Breast Cooked,shredded
1 oz Broccoli
1 oz Asparagus
1 oz spinach
1 oz Kale
1 oz bell Peppers
1 spring onion
For Rice 1/2 cup Chicken Stock,For soup use 1 cup chicken stock
1/4 tsp - Lemon Pepper Pd ,if you don't have this use lemon juice and pepper pd

1/4 tsp Garlic Pd
1/4 tsp Onion Pd
2 tbsp  canned black beans with liquid
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Other Variations can be done with:

Curry Pd

Garam Masala
Cumin Pd
Coriander Pd
Chipotle Peppers
OR any other variations you prefer.

For Spicy soup :

1/4 tsp of Chilly Garlic sauce / chilly paste or cayenne pepper,whatever is available.


Take a pan and add oil and saute broccoli,asparagus,peppers,Spring onions(white Parts) for 1 min along with garlic pd.Then remove and keep aside.
Then in the same pan add chicken and vinegar and roast it a min then add spices and saute them well till raw smell of spices are gone.Then add black beans and cook well till its almost dry ,then add quinoa and chicken stock and mix well.Then add spinach and kale and cover and let ti sit for 2 min till the leaves are wilted .Mix them well ,then add the sauteed vegetables and give a stir and cook till the water it completely evaporated and is dry.Garnish with spring onions(green Parts)Then keep it in a serving bowl and let it sit for 15 min before serving.

With Curry Powder

For Soup:

Take a soup pot add stock and add all the ingredients to the stock.You dont have to roast veggies or chicken but if you prefer slightly roasty taste then go ahead and do the roasting like above method and then add all the ingredients to the stock.Add Chilly Garlic Sauce if you want your soup to be spicy.

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