Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ajwain Egg Curry /Omam Muttai Kuzhambhu

Today i was going through the refrigrator for some vegetable to cook and i had nothing except few onions in the pantry.So i gazed through my refrigrator and there it is ,my all time life saviour 'eggs'.So i thought to make some south indian style spicy gravy as i m craving for something spicy and indianish for few days.So i decded to make egg curry with the kuzhambhu podi i recently made.
So i made this and had a satisfying yet very very hot curry with rice.
So here is the recipe , if u are searching for some south Indianised egg curry.


Kuzhambu / Kulambu  (Tamil:குழம்பு(Curry)), is a dish common in South India and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines, and is primarily made of a variety of dals.
Kuzhambu is a stew based on a broth made with tamarindurad (bean) dal and toor dal, and can include vegetables. The dish is very popular as a side for rice in the southern regions of India especially in Tamil NaduKarnataka and Kerala. The number of varieties of kuzhambu are countless, with each state in the South preparing it with a typical variation, adapted to its taste and environment.


The preparation of kuzhambu vary greatly with the type of kuzhambu to be made, but its basic preparation methods include first frying curry leavesmustard seeds, and dry chili pepper over vegetable oil on a heated stove. For kuzhambu that includes vegetables, cut the vegetables and fry them if required for the kuzhambu. For some types of kuzmabu, such as vathal kuzhambu, heat a separate pan with oil, and use this to fry the dals, other spices, onions, and garlic. In general, kuzambu does not include onions. Add tamarind juice, which is made in advance by soaking tamarind with water, and jaggery. Add water and salt, and cook for about 20 minutes.


The following is a small list of the hundreds of varieties of kuzhambu popular in Tamil cuisine. These types of kuzhambu all include a base of tamarind, urad and toor dals, and spices such as curry leaves, chili, and salt. Many of these varieties also include tomatoes or tomato juice as part of the base.

Varieties of Kuzhambu
NameDistinguishing Ingredient(s)
Vathal Kuzhambuturkey berryshallots
Milagu Kuzhambublack pepper
Kara Kuzhambuoniongreen chilitomatoes
Mor Kuzhambuthick buttermilkchanna dal, ash gourdokrapumpkin
Poondu Kuzhambugarlic
Vazhakai Kuzhambuplantain
Vendakai Kuzhambuokra
Poricha Kuzhambumixed vegetables, black pepper, ample amounts of dal


Tamarind / Tamarind Paste - 1 small lemon size / 1 tsp 
Salt - to taste
Kuzhambu Powder - 1tablespoon 
Omam (Ajwain) whole- 1/4 teaspoon / If using Omam Powder - Omam Powder - 2 tsp
Vendhayam(Fenugeek seeds) - 1/4 teaspoon
Egg - 5 nos hard boiled eggs
Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon
Oil - 2 tablespoon
Rice Flour (Optional) - 2 teaspoon
Hing - a pinch
Turmeric pd - 1 tsp
Onions - 1/2 sliced
Curry Leaf - 1 sprig

Soak whole Tamarind in warm water for 20 min,squeeze out water and keep aside.Thrown the pulp ,use only water.


1.Heat a pan ,once its hot add oil ,once the oil is hot add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds and omam full if using .Don't add omam powder now.

 2 .Once the fenugreek seeds turns light brown ,add onions and turmeric powder,saute til lonions turns translucent.

 3.Then add kuzhambhu podi  and saute well till its gets lightly roasted.
 4.Then add Omam Powder if using ,now.
 5.Saute them very well by adding 1/2 cup water.So the spices wont get burned.
 6.Now add Curry leaf.
 7.Then add water and salt and let it start to boil.
8.Once it start to boil add tamarind paste / Tamarind water that we soaked earlier.
9.Mix rice flour with 4 tbsp of water and keep ready. 
 10.Add the rice flour water and stir continuously to avoid any lumps.This is to thicken the gravy.
 11.Let it come to boil,do a taste check and add seasoning as needed.
 12.Now add eggs to the gravy.
 13.Switch off the stove,cover and let it sit for 15 min before serving.

 14.Serve it with Hot white rice mixed with gingely oil and toasted papad.


1.Once you add egg dont let it sit on flame,this will change the color of sides of egg to greenish grey,we dont want that.

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